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My icon journal

LAYOUT BY mercscilla

+ + +

Hey-ho, I'm Noise_Killer. And this is my [stupid] icons'n'other stuff journal.

Some of my icons contain [terrible] slash allusions [OMG]. If you don't like -- don't look.

Why community? Well. I donno, actually. Next question?

+ + +

Icons: you're free to take any icons you like. If you like [I have a doubt about].

Credit: I don't believe in credit.
And I'm not gonna pursue you just-bekozz-you-haven't-credited-me-yousonofabitch. It's just...silly.

If you wanna credit anyway, do it with the comm's name. Thanks.
[how to credit]

Comments: I love comments. And criticism is welcomed.

And, please, leave a comment if you take something *charming smile*.

Requests: I may take request if I have free time. Drop me a mail in case you want something special/different/other (but something belongs to my fandoms, of course).

Brushes and stuff: I borrow the brushes of Miss M and Federica. And Scully7491. And someone else, probably. <_> And I use my own brushes as well.

So, lotsa brushes.

Join: You make icons and wanna join me? O_O
Are you sure you're as sick as I am? [no way]
Are you sure we have common interests? [my interests are rather rare if not unique]
Are you sure you sure?
Yes? Then email me, brother.

+ + +

А теперь по-русски, на всякий случай.

В этом журнале я выкладываю мои [гениальные, как минимум] творения. Любой может взять эти творения, если захочет. Критика, комментарии всячески приветствуются. На английском, русском -- мне все равно.